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5 Signs He’s Crazy About You

Men problems, there’s no straight female soul on earth who hasn’t got ’em. So to all martyrs out there waiting for him to call, this article is dedicated to y’all (hey that rhymes!). OK sorry, got a lil’ distracted. Back to the article.

If there is one thing I’ve learned growing up with sweet-talking Casanova’s is that when guys are serious and in it for the long run, they give it their all. There are no excuses, no boundaries, nothing can stop them from being with you and that’s number 1 on the list.

No. 1:  There are no excuses for him to not be with you.

It’s cliche but it rings true: “If there’s a will, there’s a way. ” Double hell yeah and amen to this. If a guy is smitten, he’ll definitely find ways to be around you and spend time with you. Techniques vary between types of guys, of course. Some are shy and most likely will think of a school/work-related question to ask you and some are less discreet. The latter shamelessly stares and smiles at you at lot (they might believe in Jedi-Mind-Tricking you until you say, “I want you, too.” 😉 Trust me, rain or shine, busy or no, if he’s crazy about you, he’s gonna be with you no matter what. No bro’s before ho’s even.

No. 2: His eyes and cheeks have it.

If the guy is attracted and interested, his pupils dilate then his cheeks fill up with a lighter shade of crimson. His eyes will barely leave you or he finds difficulty looking at yours. But if he’s not as interested or only has lukewarm/I-kinda-like-you feelings, he’ll be cold, distant and slightly bored. Don’t make excuses to yourself and say, “Maybe he’s just tired” or “That’s probably his personality.” I say, bullshit. Unless he’s a trained spy who can curb his natural bodily reactions or a professional human dildo, his body can’t lie. So if his pupil dilates, his cheeks get all pink and he’s nervous like he had way too many cappuccino’s, he’s hooked on you 🙂

He blushes when you're around.

No. 3: He can’t help but wanting to touch you.

Uhm not in a perv way, so no boob-grabbing or ass-spanking but in a more gentle way. A guy who’s crazy about you will subtly touch your shoulder or rub your arm or hold your hand to assist you if needed. He’ll think of reasons to give you a hug or a kiss on the cheek e.g. birthdays, New Year’s, maybe even Groundhog Day. Believe me, under these not-too-invasive touches is his unbelievable self-control to not dip you in his arms like Clark Gable in “Gone with the Wind” and melt you away with his kisses and embrace.

No. 4: He puts you first.

When he listens, he genuinely listens to your stories and/or problems.  He doesn’t just dumbly nods his head in agreement but pro-actively reacts to what you tell him. What matters to you, matters to him. No grey area there. I won’t even elaborate this because he  either does care or he doesn’t. Yes, period.

No. 5: He shares.

Thoughts, feelings, food and embarrassing childhood memories, he will share them, believe me, when he’s nuts about you. Of course, he’ll be all macho-like and will try to impress you initially but that’ll change. He’ll want something more profound with you, more of a connection because he wants you in his world.

So before analyzing every moment with him and twisting it into your own reality because you’ve become so desperate, read the above guidelines. There’s no deciphering needed. If he’s crazy about you, he won’t wait for a couple of days to contact you nor would he be too busy; he’s just gonna be there.

Hyde here, out.


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  1. So dang right girl! ❤ ❤ ❤

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